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Who's Who

  Teachers   Role
  Mrs Nixon
  Executive Headteacher
  Mrs Macleod   Head of School / Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
  Mrs Hodgson

  Assistant Head / Year 1 Teacher (Inclusion)
  Mrs Clark

  Assistant Head  / Year 6 Teacher / Lower Key Stage 2 Phase    Leader
  Mrs Adams
  SENCO / Year 4 Teacher
  Mrs Roberts

  Year 6 Teacher
  Mr Hissey

  Year 5 Teacher
  Miss Stavish

  Year 5 Teacher



  Miss Gemma Woods   Trainee Teacher / Reception Teacher
  Mr Deakin
  Year 4 Teacher

  Mrs Miller

  Year 3 Teacher
  Miss Robinson   Year 3 Teacher
  Miss Elliott
  Year 2 Teacher
  Mrs Sutcliffe   Year 2 Teacher /Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
  Miss Hanson   Year 1 Teacher
  Mrs Mason
  Cover Teacher in KS1 / 2
  Mrs Carr-Colliver

  Miss Wilcox

  Foundation Stage Leader / Nursery Teacher

  Reception Teacher


  Support Staff:
  Name   Role
  Mrs Calver-Jones
  Mr Newsome
  Year 6 LSA
  Mrs Burfield
  Year 6 LSA
  Mr Grime
  Mr Dobb
  Mrs Stanley

  Mrs Lane
  Year 2 LSA

  Mrs Shaw

  Mrs Miles

  Mrs Jeffries

  Mrs Briggs

  Year 4 LSAs

  Year 4 LSAs

  Midday Supervisor /Support




  Mrs Dodd

  Mrs Dyer

  Year 3 LSAs


  Miss Cooke

  Mrs D Jones

  Mrs Parker

  Year 5 LSAs

  Year 2 LSAs








  Mrs Hayes Year 1 LSA

  Mrs Ward Year 3 LSA

  Mrs Olsen Year 3 LSA
  Mrs Wynne Year 1 LSA
  Mrs Beesley Year 2 LSA

  Mrs L Jones Year 1 LSA

  Miss Mee Recepition LSA

  Miss Ellender Nursery LSA

  Mrs Hancock Nursery LSA

  Mrs Chilton Reception LSA













Miss Stafford Reception LSA


Mrs Slater

Pastoral and Intervention Manager




Administration Staff
Name Role
  Mrs Ashmore
  School Business Manager


Mrs Rotherforth


  Office Manager
  Mrs Martin
  Admin Assistant
  Mrs Jenkinson   Admin Assistant

  Miss Rodgerson

  Finance Officer
  Mr Martin   Site Manager