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Our school aims to provide it's children with a wide and varied curriculum which allows them to have as many experiences as possible to help them to be engaged and actively involved in their education.

Each term the teachers aim to develop exciting topics for their different year groups:

The Foundation Unit (Nursery & Reception)
Key Stages 1 (Y1 & Y2) 
Lower Key Stage 2 (Y3 & Y4) 
Upper Key Stage 2 (Y5 & Y6)

Each topic is based around different texts and all the foundation subjects are linked to the text to help create a more holistic approach.  The aim is to provide more context to the children's learning.

This year we have had a number of new topics through the phases; The Best of British, Claws, teeth and tails, The Tudors, Lights, Camera Action, The Royal Family and Chocolate, just to name a few!

To see more closely what each class is learning about, see the class pages!