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Year 4

Spring Term in Year 4!


In the Spring, our topic will be

The Anglo Saxons & Vikings!


This will be a history topic where we will learn all about how the Vikings lived, their culture and reputation as fearsome warriors! We will also discover ancient Viking mythology and get to know the Viking Gods! Exciting art and technology will be based on this topic too.


Our science topic will be electricity and we will investigate how to make a circuit, what makes a good conductor and how to be safe around electricity!


In literacy we will base our learning around a Cressida Cowell book called How to Train Your Dragon. We will create our own dragon characters and short stories as well as developing our comprehension skills while reading the book.


Year 4 - Spring Curriculum


During the spring term Year 4 will be covering learning from the following areas of the curriculum:


· Text - How to Train Your Dragon - Cressida Cowell

· Writing genres - A character description, a narrative or story.

· Writing skills - Expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, punctuating speech.

· Spelling - Continuing to look at suffixes and prefixes including non, anti and er and ar words.

· Reading - Understanding the meaning of words, retrieving information from the text and inferring from the text or reading between the lines.


· Fractions and decimals

· Measures—cm, mm/litres and ml/grams and kg

· Adding and subtracting measures including money.

· Multiplying and dividing measures including money.

· Statistics


· Electricity—Circuits and conductors.


· History - The Anglo Saxons and Vikings

· Geography - Great Britain after the Romans.

· Computing - Creating an animated toy

· Art - Sketching, painting and clay Viking longboats.

· RE - Sikhism and Easter

· French - Story telling in French.