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Year 5

Your teaching staff this year will be Mrs Rodgers and Miss Stavish. Mrs Calver Jones will be supporting in 2PS5 and Mrs Dyer will be supporting in 2AH5.


Spring 2019 - Curriculum

Our learning for this half term will be based around the topic theme of The Tudors.



Our text this term is Percy Jackson  - The King's Shadow.

As we read this text we will be examining the following reading skills:

*Understanding the meaning of words in context.

*Finding and retrieving information from the text.

*Inferring meaning from the text.

* Examining author use of language and intent.


We will be covering the following writing genres:

Newspaper recounting a new outbreak of the Plague

Autobiography of William Shakespeare

Story writing linked to our text


Some of the writing skills we will be covering include:

The use of conjunctions to form complex sentences.

Using generalising words such as usually, often, sometimes, frequently etc...

Writing direct speech.

Re-ordering sentences for effect.

Adverbial and expanded noun phrases.

Using fronted adverbials.

Relative clauses




This term we will be studying:

Multiplication and division





We will continue to practise a variety of mental maths and arithmetic skills including written calculations strategies.


Our topic this half term is based around The Tudors and we will be covering:

History - The Tudors

Art/DT - Making Tudor Houses, pastel skills (Tudor Rose)

Citizenship - Fire Safety, Healthy Eating, Anti-Social Behaviour, The Holocaust

PE - Tag rugby and swimming

Computing - We are architects - using computer aided 3-d design programmes to create art galleries

RE- Religious leaders

Music - Following the charanga scheme; innovating the song using musical instruments

Science - Earth and Space, Forces